4 minute read

Custom Sketchbook

Every App has to start somewhere and usually it’s on a whiteboard or piece of paper. As part of my process I like to do really crude drawings of my ideas and solicit feedback from others, usually my wife, to see if they’re good or not....

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1 minute read

Enterprise Builds Won't Install

After some wasted time debugging and searching the internet I found an interested issue with archiving iOS Enterprise builds.

The problem was Enterprise builds would install fine for me, but not anyone else in the organization. The solution was to make...

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1 minute read

Pickaxe for Hypernova

If you mine crypto currencies then you know how important it is to find a decent pool. I finally found one, Hypernova.pw, that’s been dependable and has a good community.

In order to keep an eye on my mining rig I built a small iOS App that uses...

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3 minute read

★★★★★ Support

The sun has set, the kids are in bed, and you’ve made yourself a hot cup of tea. Time to curl up on the couch to play that new game everyone’s been talking about. You’re about to get the high score and…


The App crashes.


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